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Exceptional Auto Diagnostics in Dewey, OK

Find out what’s really going on under the hood with in-depth diagnostics. To help identify specific problems that our customers experience, we offer diagnostics services that can pinpoint issues. Our technicians can then determine the appropriate services to get the vehicle back on the road. For each diagnostics service, we use innovative diagnostics technology to maximize the accuracy of the process and provide fast turnaround times.

Additionally, our staff is highly qualified, with years of collective experience behind our services that help drive results.

Is your vehicle acting up? Get peace of mind with DFR Autoworks in Dewey, OK! Our skilled technicians are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools to accurately pinpoint and resolve any issues with your vehicle. From check engine light diagnostics to complex electrical troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered. Trust our expertise and experience to get your vehicle back on the road safely and efficiently. Don’t let car troubles hold you back. Contact DFR Autoworks today to schedule your diagnostic appointment and get your vehicle running smoothly again!

Regardless of the particular issue you’re experiencing, we’ll help resolve it, starting with our diagnostics services.

"Check Engine" Light Diagnostics

Is your “check engine” light on? It’s important to take your vehicle in as soon as you can to get it serviced. When you bring your diesel truck or car into our auto shop, we’ll determine what the issue is and provide the necessary services for your diesel engine. We can provide repairs or complete overhauls as needed, or we can replace your engine if you would rather not spend money on a new vehicle. Regardless of the reason for your light going on, we can determine what’s behind it.

Computer Diagnostics

In addition to investigating your “check engine” light, we can perform computer diagnostics using our equipment to identify other potential issues. For instance, if your airbag light turns on or another light on your dashboard has you alarmed, we’ll use the latest technology to get to the root of the problem. Even if you are experiencing the most subtle performance issues, our technicians will work to uncover the underlying issue and decide which services you need.

Take Your Vehicle in for Diagnostics Services Today

As soon as any kind of light turns on or you experience certain performance issues that leave you concerned, don’t hesitate. The longer you wait to have your vehicle serviced, the more a problem can compound, compromising your vehicle’s functionality and profitability. We can diagnose any problem with our innovative systems and provide the necessary services to keep your vehicle performing optimally. Based on our findings, we can provide you with engine repairs, transmission services, bumper-to-bumper service, and many others. Want to find out what DFR Autoworks can do for you? Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll provide services tailored to your vehicle’s needs.
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